System Upgrades - New facilities
(Recruitment Systems)
1st November 2014

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Social Networking

We have been strong advocates of social networking and have since our earliest days equipped our systems with links to enable public sites to benefit from visitors passing and forwarding on details to friends and contacts. The new facility we are outlining here is the ability to have links that float on the page. You can see an example of this on one of our own websites ( in the graphic below.

You can choose your icons (facebook, Linkedin and Twitter being the popular ones) and the set can also include a link to forward by email or to print the page. The icons ‘float’ on the left-hand side of the page (we can also put them on the other side too). If you resize your browser window then as it gets smaller the icons will be removed form the side of the page and repositioned at the bottom. Likewise the icons can be ‘toggled’ so they slide out of the page if they happen to cover a part of the page that the viewer wishes to read.

Click for an example

This facility is ideal for sites where “Responsive’ web technologies (see also section later on) are used to resize the page so it can be more easily viewed on mobiles as well as tablets and desktop PC’s. This facility is available as a free of charge upgrade on any system.

Important Notice- Disclaimer

The contents on these pages do not constitute any legal or professional advice given to either clients, customers, partners or resellers. Not do we warrant that the facilities outlined will be either suitable or compatible with your configuration without us being fully consulted. You are also advised that facilities may be amended, augmented or even removed without prior notice. Some of the items contained have already been launched to some clients, partners and resellers.