System Upgrades - New facilities
(Recruitment Systems)
1st November 2014

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Duplicate Tracing

This is a facility that we have used with clients as a paid optional extra for some time. It is now being made available as a fully included option on all new systems and as an upgrade for current systems. It consists of the system checking each time it receives an application from a candidate to see if it has a record of any other applications using that candidate’s email address. If the system has seen the email address before, the application record can be marked with an ‘Outcome’ description of your choice to highlight you have had a previous application.

We know clients like using the 'New Applications’ screens to show records that have not yet been looked at as well as having any ‘Duplicate’ records removed from their ‘Managers’ screens. This facility can support both of these requirements and there are several workflow options you can elect to adopt to make best use of this facility. Clients who are using it already are generally having their system identify a possible duplicate and then mark it with a particular outcome of e.g. “Prev App?” or similar. You can then take appropriate action on what you wish to do and can mark the application as a “Duplicate” if you wish it to be removed from normal screens. After all, you may have roles where you expect a candidate may apply for two or more vacancies or where you would expect existing applicants to be interested in a new similar vacancy you have just advertised.

The workflow can also be tailored over how far back the system will identify a potential duplicate. We know many clients’ data privacy policies see them archive and then purge applications after certain dates. As such the system is by default set to only search on records that form the current searchable set of application records. Note however, other date ranges are available.

We know this will prove a popular option and thus we are going to make it available to all current systems free of charge with no increase in your recurring charges. If you do however wish for more customised or non-default options we do reserve the right to charge for any setup time involved.

Important Notice- Disclaimer

The contents on these pages do not constitute any legal or professional advice given to either clients, customers, partners or resellers. Not do we warrant that the facilities outlined will be either suitable or compatible with your configuration without us being fully consulted. You are also advised that facilities may be amended, augmented or even removed without prior notice. Some of the items contained have already been launched to some clients, partners and resellers.