System Upgrades - New facilities
(Recruitment Systems)
1st November 2014

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CMS now available in the Admin Portal

We have supplied clients with tools that enable them to edit their own recruitment websites for quite some time now (4 years). We have however expanded this facility to include all new Admin/Employer Portals (it is the web app that you and your Managers use to manage your registrations/ applications and vacancies from). The CMS (Content Management System) consists of a special login link that allows you to edit much of the text and content options on screens. The special bit is that it also protects key parts of the site including the menu options and data so no accidents can occur :-)

The advantage of this facility is that it allows clients to very quickly, and easily, personalise their site to suit their own requirements. You don’t need to be any kind of web expert (you can leave that to us) and it protects the important parts of the site from breakage. The uses we have seen can be quite varied and include:
  • Using it to keep your list of useful HR forms, links and resources updated
  • Adding in your own procedural information and links to resources in each screen.
  • Editing the help files so that they also include information round your own processes and procedures thus providing an online recruitment manual for your managers.
  • Adding your own branding information and resources.
In the graphic below we have shown what happens once you login using the CMS Link. You will find most of the text and graphic areas will have an edit button as shown below:


Clicking on the edit button opens a nice and friendly editor that allows you add and style text, add new, amend and resize graphics etc. You can even embed widgets like videos and popup apps.

cms - edit

We have a separate help manual for using the CMS on the Support Portal that outlines all its facilities. Please note that there is a license charge by the CMS supplier for using their login and editor. If you however already have a CMS license for your recruitment site or for another site then the price is reduced for any subsequent site you add (note this is not paid to FBC and is picked up by credit card the first time you login).

If you wish this facility added to your existing site it can be retrofitted, however there will be a charge for the work involved. All new systems will have the facility available and clients use simply by activating their login if they wish to.

Important Notice- Disclaimer

The contents on these pages do not constitute any legal or professional advice given to either clients, customers, partners or resellers. Not do we warrant that the facilities outlined will be either suitable or compatible with your configuration without us being fully consulted. You are also advised that facilities may be amended, augmented or even removed without prior notice. Some of the items contained have already been launched to some clients, partners and resellers.