System Upgrades - New facilities
(Recruitment Systems)
1st November 2014

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Career Portal Plus

The Career Portal is our most popular system configurations and we have been keen to see how it can be kept at both leading edge and improved. A major benefit of the system along with its ease of use is that it allows us to extensively configure modules so the system can be setup just as a client wishes it to work.

'Career Portal Plus' is an expansion on the current system and includes a number of options and additional screens to create a new package of facilities. All the facilities available in Career Portal Plus can be provided as upgrades to existing systems but only at additional cost.

The most noticeable change in Career Portal Plus is that when you view a candidates application record it will show at the foot of the screen a list of any other applications made by that candidate. We know many clients would not wish managers to – as a matter of course – see data on other applications a candidate has made, so the facility is by default only made available in the Applications screens used by HR. However it can also be shown on Manager screens should you wish it. This new facility is quite configurable and you can elect which items you wish displayed in the listing e.g. show what the vacancy was, the source of application (was it an Agency?), what the candidates application was scored at for that vacancy and what happened to it i.e. what was the ‘Outcome’? Want to see more about a previous application made by your candidate? Simply click on the link and you can go directly to their previous application record.

Career Portal Plus also comes complete with the ‘File Manager – External’ module included. There is a separate help paper on this module within the Support Portal however it brings the ability to integrate within a candidate’s record files that are stored in popular online storage facilities such as Google Drive/Docs, Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint and others. The facility is an excellent add-on and although quite a new facility, is proving a very popular one with clients.

We have further increased the number of screens in Contact Portal Plus. Both HR and managers get screens for “New Applications”, Current Vacancies” and “Full Search” and further screens can be easily added to cover specific workflow scenarios or stages in your recruitment process. However the real power of Career Portal Plus is our ability to easily create and amend the configuration options round displaying different aspects of data in each screen. This is most readily appreciated in Manager screens where we can restrict access by Managers to items of a candidate’s application that you might be concerned may result in possible perception bias or have privacy concerns.

Here is a summary of the additional facilities:
  • View any other applications
  • More selective listing between screens
  • Includes File Manager -External Module
  • Includes Separate Managers Portal
  • Includes Third Party Agency Portal
  • Includes multi-use Charts/Reports
  • Additional Screens

Career Portal Plus is available as an alternative configuration for new clients. Existing clients can have their systems upgraded to include any/all of the items mentioned however there will be a charge for the upgrade. Do contact us if you wish to look at upgrading your system. Partners and Resellers should note that Career Portal Plus is provided as an additional configuration and your existing configurations are all still available.

Important Notice- Disclaimer

The contents on these pages do not constitute any legal or professional advice given to either clients, customers, partners or resellers. Not do we warrant that the facilities outlined will be either suitable or compatible with your configuration without us being fully consulted. You are also advised that facilities may be amended, augmented or even removed without prior notice. Some of the items contained have already been launched to some clients, partners and resellers.