System Upgrades - New facilities
(Recruitment Systems)
1st November 2014

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Batch (Mass) Email

Our Careers, Talent, Recruitment and Job-board systems are all designed as online real-time systems. This means that the system undertakes actions, queries, searches, updates and emails as actions are performed. We do know however, that some clients will wish some activities to happen at particular times separate to an action being triggered by a user whilst online i.e. the activity should happen at a later time or subject to a separate action happening perhaps by another user etc. The main area that this comes up is where this is a requirement to email candidates or providing recruiters/managers with reminder emails.


When it comes to emailing we find that the system provides options that suit most clients. However some - especially the jobboard clients - want to take things a bit further. A typical example is where a client wishes all the candidates within the talent pool to get a weekly email of any vacancies that match their chosen preferences. Typically this involves sending; it can often be thousands and even tens of thousands of bespoke emails each week listing the vacancies concerned with links back to the careers/jobboard website so a candidate can simply click on the email link and go direct to the vacancy page on your site. The workflow has to ensure each candidate only gets one email and will not get an email if there are no vacancies matching their chosen criteria, most clients also want to ensure only ‘quality’ candidates get such emails as well. To further complicate matters; with high volume email, spam becomes a big issue and you also have to provide facilities so candidates can readily unsubscribe from any future messages.

Hopefully you now see that there is actually quite a bit involved in doing all of this. Well the good news is that we have a Batch Email facility that can do this. Its not new but it does sometimes get forgotten about and clients can forget it is available as an option. The Batch Emailer can produce from a standard template a matched set of candidates against vacancies all driven from the data within your system. It does all of this in a separate system that sits alongside, so it will not affect the performance of your system and it will do all its work offline and at set times. This means you can time your emails to arrive at say first thing in the morning, or at the end of the day.
If you are interested in this facility please get in touch. Please also note that you already have facilities to select candidates and produce a list of email addresses. If your needs are not particularly sophisticated then this is probably all you need – and it is already there.

Important Notice- Disclaimer

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